Allison Pagano

Modern Technique Masterclass


Class Description

Tuesday July 9th & 16th, 2019

Expressive, mindful contemporary modern dance technique class that supports and encourages you to deepen your artistic expression while practicing emotion filled, injury free dancing.

$20 Drop-in rate or class cards

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Artist Bio

Allison Pagano (choreographer) has been teaching locally and abroad in dance, somatics and healing for the past twenty years. She is the creator of the Embodied Dance Project which utilizes dance training as a healing art form and performance as personal growth. She is a lecturing professor in World Dance and Jazz Dance History at Iona College, and teaches dance technique at Manhattanville College. She completed her MFA through Montclair State University in 2018 and holds certifications in bodywork, healing, yoga, nutrition, Body- Mind Dancing and the Simonson Method of Teacher Training. Allison believes that dance is a universal art form with the power to connect and heal individuals and audiences when approached with mindfulness at the core of its process. She seeks to provide experiences using dance as a communicative tool to explore how we interpret, address and envision what it means to be human; evolving and responding to our changing times. She is honored to have recently co-presented with the Nikki Manx Dance Project for GAIA!