Fitness Classes

Cardio Hip-Hop

Cardio Hip-Hop is a super high energy dance class that is cardio intense to raise your heart-rate through the enjoyment of hip-hop dance. This class starts with a high energy warmup and stretch sequence. Students will then learn new choreography each week to hip hop music from the 80’s, 90’s and today!

Pilates Ball with Props

Our Pilates Ball and Prop class focuses on building core strength, balance, agility and facilitates stretch and elongation of muscle groups. Designed for dancers, athletes and workout devotees. We incorporate hand held props such as weights and Therabands to add to the circuit workout.

Pilates Mat

Our pilates classes aim to strengthen muscles through traditional pilates mat exercises, while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Pilates Yoga Barre

Enjoy a combination of health and fitness techniques including pilates, yoga, and barre. Get the best of all three in a single one hour class along with a full body workout.

Total Body Barre

This ballet inspired barre class includes strength training, cardio, and stretching exercises. These high intensity, low-impact exercises will improve your endurance, flexibility, posture, and overall strength of your body and mind. Whether you are a barre pro, beginner, pregnant or postnatal, this class provides a personal training experience in a group class setting; offering challenges and/or modifications tailored to your needs.