About Us

HeART in Motion’s mission is to provide high-quality and joyful arts experiences for all ages, levels, aspirations, and abilities, and to enrich the vibrant performing arts community and culture in Bergen County, NJ. We offer a compassionate and nurturing learning environment while also maintaining an emphasis on proper technique and artistry from the heart. We believe in setting high but manageable expectations to allow students to grow and be pushed in a way that also sets them up for success.

Studying the Performing Arts is about so much more than technique and appreciating the art form. Although those things are important, the true reward comes in the skills that can be applied throughout life in everything we do. It teaches us how to express and cope with our many varied emotions, take risks, overcome failure, try again, succeed humbly, and develop problem solving and creative thinking. It helps us step outside our comfort zone, gain self-confidence, and find our personal voice.

At HeART in Motion we offer all of this and more. We have an extensive adult program including beginner to professional level dance, yoga, pilates, and fitness classes. We also offer dance and music classes to children ages 18 months and up, on-site early childhood classes at preschools, and cultural dance programs at senior homes. Our staff and faculty are highly trained and educated to provide the best possible experience, whether you come for fun or have professional aspirations.