Pre-K / K Classes

Creative Movement

This is a great introductory dance class for preschoolers and kindergarteners. In Creative Movement we explore new ways of moving, a basic introduction to dance positions and vocabulary, structured exercises, as well as time to develop individual creativity and have fun! Class begins with traveling around the room to warm up the body followed by stretches and imagery driven exercises in a circle. They are introduced to the ballet barre as well as steps in the center and across the floor. In the last part of class, students learn and review choreography that is shown at various times throughout the year. This class is taken independently from parents and included in our annual performance in June.

Ballet / Tap

This combination class is a great introduction to the principles of ballet and tap. Young dancers explore a new seasonal theme each month to foster a creative spirit and develop their gross motor skills. The class begins with tap, where a new step is introduced every month and incorporated into a routine. Boys and girls transition into ballet slippers at the barre and continue the class by deepening their understanding of ballet fundamentals. 

Tap / Kiddie Pop

This class provides an upbeat atmosphere, while introducing young dancers to both tap and hip-hop jazz. Dancers begin with rhythmic warmup in tap shoes, followed by both non-locomotor and locomotor reinforcement of skills. Dancers then change into jazz shoes to learn exciting new skills accompanied by music from classic pop legends and artists. This class is high-energy and develops confidence in students, while fostering a passion for movement.